Thank you so much for wanting to help.

Here’s the deal.

So that we can continue to fight for the bees,

do what we do, and have the impact that is so urgently required

we need your help.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get involved we’ve come up with

6 basic options for you to become an official

Friend of the Bees

Solitary Bee – Annual

Solitary Bee – Individual Friend of the Bees  €36 per year.   Become an Official Friend of the Bees for the price of one cup of coffee per month. One less coffee loads more bees.

Humble Bee – Annual

Bumblebee – Family Friends of the Bees.  €60 per year.     Your whole family get to be Official Friends of the Bees for less than the price of 2 coffees per month. Better for you, better for the bees.

*** here at The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland we believe that being involved and associated with helping to save nature should not be dependent on ability to pay.

For that reason we have decided to run becoming an official Friend of the Bees  on an ‘honesty box’ basis.

What does this mean?

We trust you.

Contribute what you can. Nature and the bees need everyone to be their friend. If you can afford our recommended annual donation great. If you can’t that’s okay just contribute what you’re comfortable with. If you’re lucky enough to be in position to contribute a little more – and would like to – then that will help us maintain this policy.

We’re all in this together. We all need bees.

If you don’t want to become an official Friend of the Bees for some reason but still would like to help you can make a donation of any amount anonymously and we thank you for helping.

If you would like to talk to us about how you might help or contribute outside of these options please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So what do you get for your donation?

Here at The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland we like to keep it real and the reality is that the world right now doesn’t need more cheap plastic trinkets floating around. Doesn’t need more trees cut down to produce paper for newsletters, magazines, brochures or certificates. Doesn’t need more ‘cheap fashion’ t-shirts, baseball hats and gimmicks.

So we’re not going to do that.

What you’ll get for your contribution is bragging rights that you are an official Friend of the Bees.

The community benefits of being part of a force for nature.

The personal satisfaction that you are supporting a unique project that will never take no for an answer when it comes to saving the bees.

You’re part of something good.

We’ll keep you fully informed of what we get up to.

We’ll send you a monthly digital newsletter.

Receive seasonal updates and advice on what you can do to help bees.

You’ll receive a digital Friend of the Bees Certificate.

You’ll get invited to ‘Open Days’ on the sanctuary.

First option and Reduced rates on Events held at the sanctuary.

As we come across smart initiatives and new ways to engage with you you’ll be the first to know. We strive to surprise and delight to keep bee and nature conservation fresh, edgy and interesting.

The bees will whisper your name on the wind.