The Best you can BEE

Bees need everyone. So everyone should be able to get involved. Only contribute what you can afford at our HONESTY BOX.

Being involved and associated with helping to save nature should not be dependent on ability to pay. For that reason we have decided to offer the option to become an official Friend of the Bees using this Honesty Box option. We trust you. Contribute what you can. If you can afford our recommended annual donation great. If you can’t that’s okay just contribute what you’re comfortable with. If you’re lucky enough to be in position to contribute a little more – and would like to – then that will help us maintain this policy.

Who's becoming a Friend of the Bees today?
We promise we'll never share your information with anyone. Giving as a Gift? We'll send the digital cert along to the recipients' email that you entered on the previous page along with your message.
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The Best you can BEE – Honesty box

Donation Total: €100 One Time