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You know the way websites offer you the option to get in contact and you’re not really sure if they are just being polite, if they really mean it or if you should?


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The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland
Co. Wicklow
Y14 EA89

Paul Handrick
Clare-Louise Donelan
+353 (0)87 9501285 / +353 (0)86 2871416

    so where are we?

    ireland – small island hanging off western europe
    wicklow – a coastal county on the east coast of ireland known as the garden of ireland
    coolafancy – a tiny village in south county wicklow one hour from dublin.
    lets paint a picture:
    you drive down the motorway from dublin for about 40 minutes. as you travel you gradually notice less and less cars surround you on the road.
    by the time you reach the relevant exit you’ve practically got the road to yourself. you turn onto a side road and for twenty minutes journey through a typical rural landscape of bungalows with huge gateways surrounded by fields of grass and cattle, edged with hedges and trees tidied to monotony and uselessness. after a few twists and turns you come to a laneway with a low stone walled entrance.
    this is us.

    you turn down this laneway and drive very slowly for about half a mile.
    grass tugs at the bottom of your car and brambles and gorse reach out to you as you approach. birds will probably lead you in – flying before you like nature’s cherubs announcing your arrival. butterflies, bees and a multitude of tiny insects dance all around. as you drive the world you’ve just left begins to melt away as you wonder where this laneway leads. how long can a laneway be? is this the right location?
    what can be down here? the trees and vegetation start to enclose around you. can this be the right place? really?
    and then…
    you arrive at the bottom of the lane and you understand. you get it.
    you’re on a sanctuary.
    the ONLY sanctuary in the world for wild bees.
    short version: coolafancy, co. wicklow, ireland.
    here’s the map:


    PLEASE NOTE: We are open to visits strictly by appointment. This is a sanctuary for nature and nature is our priority. Drop ins will be turned away at the gate. So please don’t.