So let’s tell you a little bit more about Business For Bees. 

You’re probably busy so we’ll keep this short and to the point.

You run a business to make profit.

To make profit you need a sustainable world.

To have a sustainable world you need sustainable nature.

You need healthy ecosystems. You need insects. You need bees.

No really – you need bees.

You need projects like The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland to not only exist but to thrive and have immediate lasting impact.

It’s in your interest to make sure we do this.

But here’s the rub.

We don’t do greenwashing. We don’t do offsetting.

What we do is real action. Real change.

Real sustainability.

So if you feel your business has what it takes

to meet what we require of a partnership

get in touch

nothing ventured nothing gained

let’s have a chat.


No strings. No regrets.

If you are, or your business is, seeking to genuinely

work towards real genuine sustainability

and you want to get involved with

a pure no nonsense project

with huge street cred.

which receives massive

amounts of love

and support

across all sectors

of society you’re

in the right place. 

Help us to help you to help bees to help you.


Talk to us to discover how you can become involved in this absolutely vital work.






in-house initiatives

product launches

photo shoots


corporate picnics with the bees


reflective recharge

Let’s have a chat.


 Picnic with the Bees


Spend a day relaxing in nature with the bees. A corporate chill out in the glorious foothills of the Wicklow mountains. Your team reconnecting with nature in a casual relaxed environment.
No set schedule. No presentations. No slideshows. No hassle.
Chatting and strolling encouraged. Inspiring. Educational. Refreshing.



Need some headspace? Some inspiration? A different perspective? Some peace and quiet? Some alone time? Somewhere special for your small team to figure it all out uninterrupted. Experience what 55 acres of thriving nature all to yourself, where time stands still, can do for your creativity, problem solving, reiteration and soul. We call it Beestorming.

Reflective Recharge


Beestorming without the ask. A timeout with and in nature. Sit by the water. In a meadow. By the buzzing flowerbeds. In the old orchard. Among the vegan grown fruit and vegetables. Stroll for hours uninterrupted. Lose track of time.

 Reflect. Reconnect. Recharge.

 Ready to go again.

Ready to make those changes.

bottom line :

no nature

means no profits


Supported by The Organic Trust