climate crisis
nature crisis

nature crisis
human crisis

so why is there a page dedicated to climate emergency on a bee sanctuary website?

what has advocating for bees got to do with that climate emergency thing?

can’t we just talk about bees and stay away from the heavy stuff?

Okay we get it.

Facing up to where we are at is hard. It’s scary. It’s huge. It’s inconvenient.

But you see we really get it.

So to not be forthright and honest about our predicament was not an option.

Yes it would be easier and safer for us to leave this page out, skirt around the issues.

Just stick our heads in the sand.

but…we don’t do easier

we don’t do safe

we don’t do ostriches

we do bees.


doing what we need too do to save bees.

to save nature.

might just save ourselves

so bear with us


Definition: the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period of time

remember when climate was just a rather innocuous chapter in our geography books in school?

ireland temperate, equator tropical, arctic and antarctic cold, australia hot….that’s what it was. that’s what it had been forever.

sure they were cutting the Amazon at a rate of one football field per minute back in the 1980s.

sure there was a hole in the ozone layer from aerosols.

sure there was a thing called global warming.

but that was all very far away and couldn’t we do with a bit more warmer sunnier weather here.

besides surely someone was keeping an eye on things?


someone who would inform those in charge if things were getting out of hand and they’d make sure it wouldn’t really affect us.

these people have kids too surely they wouldn’t let it get to the point where their own children’s future was in jeopardy.

surely people with great minds and insight were at the helm, their hands on the wheel.

extinction was for Dodos and Dodos alone.

well…they weren’t,

they didn’t

it isn’t.

seems extinction is a hat that fits all heads. enough to go around for all species. and the milner is knocking on our door.

individual action - there is an i in climate

There is a tendency for governments to pass on responsibility for action on climate change to the individual. Those corporations most responsible for climate change most definitely push this agenda.

Blame the individual and sell small individual actions as a ‘solution’ thus allowing themselves to continue destroying the planet for profit. This is a distraction. A scam. A Lie.

But it doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t make changes to the way we live.

We all need take positive action and readjust our goals and expectations.

Every individual step in the right direction helps.

Every single use plastic item not purchased, every plane journey not taken, every chemical free garden, every tree saved, every informed diet choice, every energy use choice, every tree planted, every fashion choice, every inch of soil left undisturbed.

Every single thing we do matters.  

Every informed conversation, every phone call in protest, every question asked, every demand for change made.

Every single individual positive action helps.

So take positive action now!


Offsetting is Offputting

to offset: to counteract something by having an equal and opposite force or effect

carbon offsetting: the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions arising from industrial/human activity by participating in schemes designed to make equivalent reductions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The great swindle continues.

We need to drastically reduce our emissions not ‘pay’ someone else to do something to allow us to continue causing climate breakdown. There are so many issues with offsetting that it’s actually hard to know where to start.

It’s another lie. Another delay tactic. An accountant’s answer to an existential emergency. Let’s keep causing climate breakdown on one hand by paying someone with the other hand to do something that may or may not capture carbon. 

Often times the carbon capture initiative that is supposed to offset would be happening anyway and allowing a carbon emitting business or activity to pin their name on this to market themselves as ‘carbon neutral’ is merely playing hide and seek with extinction. With our children’s future. It’s not just greenwashing it’s a swindle. A short term play in a game where nobody wins at the final whistle.

Sure we need to plant trees. but first we need to save the trees we already have. We need to protect our bogs and wetlands. We need to protect our soil. Stop disturbing it. We need to capture as much carbon from the atmosphere as quickly as possible.

We need to capture carbon already emitted.

But we need to drastically cut carbon emissions. To really cut emissions – not just on paper. We need to aim for REAL ZERO emissions not NET ZERO emissions. Anything else is a lie. A pretence. Let’s at least be honest about it.

So yes as a corporation or a business or a government or an individual please do get involved in carbon capture. Let’s not wait for the magical future technological advances though. Let’s not bet on the long shot when we have an odds on favourite all around us – NATURE. 


But don’t use this natural carbon capture to offset your carbon emitting activities. Do the right thing. Separate it out. Plant trees. Protect and restore a bog. Promote and support meadowlands and farming that does not plough the soil. All of this and more but don’t use it as a marketing tool for business as usual. Do it and drastically reduce your emissions as well. Not instead.

Offsetting is off putting.

It’s not a good look. It’s offensive.

It’s literally putting off the inevitable.

Until it’s too late.

History will judge it so.

If there is a future in which this moment is history.

collective action - there is team in climate

So individual action is vital.

But individual actions will NEVER be enough.

We need BIG collective action.

We need REAL action by legislators and governments.

We need REAL action by corporations and business.

We need action and TRUTH from representative bodies



We need a change in the system. A new system.

We desperately need brave visionary leadership.

We need to adapt.

We need to adapt.

But the sad truth is that at this moment we have none of the above.

No real action.

No big collective action.

No leadership – visionary or otherwise.

No honesty. No bravery. No urgency.

No changes to the system.

We deserve better.

Our children certainly do.

What we have is denial.






Business as usual with a side order of greenwashing and SDGs for dessert.

Time is running out.

Every minute is an opportunity missed.

It’s time those with the influence, the power and the wherewithal got off the bench and joined the team.

Played for the right side.

We’re in the last quarter, losing badly and already feeling the heat.

Growth is Dead.
Long live the Planet.

Continued pursuance of Economic Growth is not an option.

Anybody claiming to be concerned about the future of humanity on this planet whilst promoting growth is a liar. Maybe lying mostly to themselves but still a liar.

We need to extract less, produce less, market less and consume less. And we need to start right now.

The only growth we should applaud is more trees, more flowers, more plants, more biodiversity, more areas of healthy undisturbed soil, more clean rivers, more unpolluted oceans.

More nature. More animals. More birds. More insects. More bees.

More bees means more chance. 

More chance at a future worth living.

C ommunicate

L obby

I nspire

M eet

A dapt

T ell Truths

E mbolden

I nsist

S uggest

N ail it

O wn it

W aste no time



To attempt to address CLIMATE CRISIS

without tackling the


we have created for


 is an


We need to SAVE what is left of nature first.

Only then can we truly GROW A FUTURE.

So let’s CALL A HALT

to the destruction of nature.

Right now.

Check out our new initiative:






Let’s fight for big nature with ONE BIG VOICE

Let’s shout louder than the vested interests.

Let’s demand more for nature.

Let’s not waste any more precious time.

Let’s return the planet to harmony.


and reclaim our future.